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If You Are Coming To Canada With An Investment Of $100,000 You Are Eligible For The Expedited Immigration Program To Canada!


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We had a wonderful experience to work with them ! We needed help for Permanent residents card! whenever we had questions we had answers and helpful advisees fast and great service they provide! I would recommended for everyone else! 

Kovács Attila 

Woow Canada Immigration helped me to receive Open Work Permit for my husband. We were in touch throughout the entire process. Everything is fast and clear! I am very satisfied and recommend them to everyone! 

Maria Bubnova 

The best immigration firm I 've ever worked with! Highly recommend it to anyone! 

Iana Ianko 

If You Are Coming To Canada With An Investment Of $100,000 Or More You Are Eligible To Expedite The Canadian Immigration Process. WOOW Canada Immigration Specializes In Expedited Immigration To Canada. Click "Apply Here" To See If You Are Eligible

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Provincial Nominee Programs 

Ontario Provincial Nominee OINP 

Express Entry: Human Capital Priorities 


International Student Employer Sponsored Student with a Job Offer 

Masters Graduates 

PhD GraduatesPhD Graduates 

Elite Preferred Program LMIA 

We provide professional consultancy services to individuals applying for immigration to Canada or short-term residence in Canada. 

Maple Leaf Card - Express Entry Immigration (EXPRESS ENTRY) 

For friends seeking skilled immigration to Canada, the "fast track" is the main way. The federal government has now set up a complete online system, but the system is not so convenient to use, and a mistake in the application is likely to lead to a visa refusal. Our company has been using this system since its inception, resulting in a wealth of experience that helps our clients succeed. Contact us if you need an Express Entry route to Canadian permanent resident status. We are happy to help. 



Maple Leaf Card - Provincial Nominee Program Immigration 

Every province in Canada (except Quebec) has its own Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). Such programs are designed to allow provinces to independently select immigrants to meet the needs of the local labor market and local economy. Whether you are an international student on a post-graduation work visa, a temporary foreign worker with a Canadian employer, or a business owner looking to establish a business in Canada, the Provincial Nominee Program is a shortcut for you to obtain Canadian immigration status , and is particularly good at handling the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program (OINP) skilled immigration program and entrepreneurial immigration program. 

Maple Leaf Card Business Immigration

There are several pathways for business owners and executives looking to immigrate to Canada. At present, the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) of many provinces in Canada provide a business immigration application path, which is specially aimed at entrepreneurs who want to buy or establish a business in the province. The investment immigration program in Quebec is mainly suitable for those who have reliable business/management experience and are only willing to pay with investment funds. Our firm has experience handling all types of business immigration applications and can guide you through those complex and confusing application processes. 

Maple Leaf Card - Family Reunification Class Immigration and Appeals 

Our company has decades of experience in handling family reunification applications. Applying for family reunification immigration is quite a difficult task, as there is a lot of documentation to provide. If you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and want to sponsor your spouse or parents to come to Canada, we know how to get you through this process quickly and efficiently. If your application for immigration sponsorship is unfortunately refused, we can also act as your agent to appeal to the Appeals Unit of the Department of Immigration. 

Short-term residence - work permit

Obtaining a work visa in Canada is the most critical step in getting you permanent resident status for a limited time. Our firm has the expertise and experience in Temporary Foreign Worker Program and International Mobility Program applications and can help you and your Canadian employer obtain a work permit (commonly known as a work permit) in Canada. 

Short Term Residence - Study Permits and Visitor Visas 

If you are interested in coming to Canada to study, the next step after receiving your school acceptance letter is to apply for a study permit (commonly known as a study permit). Coming to Canada to study is usually the first stop on the road to immigrating to Canada. 

We also provide application agents to individuals wishing to obtain tourist and business visas. 

Maple Leaf Card and Naturalization 

After a lot of hard work, you've finally achieved Canadian permanent resident status, and after that, it's our company's job to make sure you don't lose that status. Our company's professional team also represents the application for extension of the Maple Leaf Card and the application for naturalization. I believe that with our professional help, these application processes will become quite simple and fast. 

Congratulations to Ms. Kateryna, CEO of WooW Canada Immigration, for her interview with CBC Canada!

WooW Canada Immigration  Professional western immigration company, careful and responsible  Friends have various needs for immigrating to study and work visas Welcome to WeChat consultation 

(The interview starts at 17:00 of the video) 

Did you know that there is actually a way for international students to pay the tuition fees of local residents? You can save $50,000 in tuition a year!  

As we all know, having a Canadian Maple Leaf Card has a lot of benefits, which is the dream of many applicants around the world who want to build their second home in life. The environment, education, health care, welfare and economy are all very attractive. In fact, holding a work permit can also enjoy all aspects of Canadian society benefits! What are the specific ones?  

Children's right to learn: Minor children can receive free public primary and secondary education. 



We helped 4000 individuals and families immigrate to Canada. Join them. 

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With the cost of education in Canada becoming more and more expensive, many higher education institutions have begun to increase tuition fees. Some time ago, the University of Toronto announced an increase in tuition fees, and it only increased the tuition fees for international students. Many schools began to follow the University of Toronto, which brought a lot of financial burden to most families who are not wealthy. 

We can refer to the tuition fees of the University of Toronto. The engineering tuition for local residents at the University of Toronto is 14,180 Canadian dollars per year, while the tuition for foreign students has risen to 64,120 Canadian dollars per year. And it is expected to continue to grow in the future, and the tuition fees for international students will only become more expensive. You can save $50,000 in tuition a year!

Work visa children who go to university are equivalent to the tuition fees of international students and charged as tuition fees of local residents!!! 

UT wrote in the standards for waiving international student fees: Visitors with work permits and family members. That is what it says about work permits: Valid work permit with a specified employer in Canada 

(a valid work permit from a designated employer in Canada)

UToronto: Fee Exemption
Seneca College: Fee ExemptionMcMaster: Fee Exemption

Many other university colleges have the same benefits 

Work visa children are equivalent to international student tuition fees charged as local resident tuition fees

There are many types of work permits in Canada, which can be generally divided into open work permits and closed work permits. The open work permit has the spouse work permit of the student/work permit holder, the graduation work permit, the bridge work permit, and the open work permit of the reunion immigration; while the closed work permit is also known as the LMIA work permit, the applicant can only Perform a designated job for a designated employer. People with many years of work experience outside Canada can directly apply for the LMIA work permit express entry and start to accumulate work experience in Canada, which is a strong assist for applicants to immigrate to Canada! In addition, the LMIA work permit can give applicants 50 or 200 extra points in the Express Entry Express Entry. How to apply for this work permit, please contact us via WeChat or phone for details! 

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Work visa children are equivalent to international student tuition fees charged as local resident tuition fees

Spouse Employment Rights: Graduate work permit holders and LMIA closed work permit holders for NOC 0/A/B job positions, or work permit holders for federal care worker immigration, their spouses can apply for an open work permit. An open work permit does not limit the type of work and employer.

Naturalization time: During the period of holding the work permit, the time spent in Canada can be counted as the naturalization time (every day is converted into half a day, and it can be converted into a maximum of one year).

Medical Insurance OHIP: With a work permit valid for more than 6 months and an employer letter, you can apply for medical insurance in various provinces, including doctor's diagnosis and hospitalization expenses

Buying a house tax rebate: As a non-resident of Canada, you need to pay an additional tax on the purchase of real estate, that is, the non-resident speculation tax, commonly known as the "overseas buyer tax", generally levied at 15% of the house price. Foreigners with work visas can get tax refunds after they have legally worked in Ontario for more than 1 year after purchasing a house 

Unemployment benefits EI: Holders of a work permit can enjoy Canada’s unemployment insurance. If you work in Canada for half a year, you can receive unemployment benefits if you cannot continue to work due to unemployment, illness, childbirth, etc.

Milk Payment: Children under the age of 18 can enjoy the milk payment and child care program provided by the federal government, requiring work permit holders to stay in Canada for 18 months.

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For Business Owners And Real Estate Investors.

If You Are Coming To Canada With An Investment Of $100,000 Or More You Are Eligible To Expedite The Canadian Immigration Process. WOOW Canada Immigration Specializes In Expedited Immigration To Canada. Click "Apply Here" To See If You Are Eligible


● Federal Skilled Workers, IELTS must be 4 out of 6, with a score of more than 67 

● Canadian Experience Class, which requires at least one year of Canadian work experience 

● Federal Skilled Trades 


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